Bramble Ice Cream

I’m something of a believer in fate, especially when it comes to cooking. This simple little recipe was the miraculous result of fate, and perhaps an insatiable craving for ice cream. I don’t have an ice cream maker, which is a sore point at the moment, as one of my best friends has recently treated herself to a top of the range Cuisinart. Much to my dismay, she’s endlessly sending me photos of hazelnut praline ice cream happily churning away. I’m forced to make do with the ‘no-churn’ or ‘self-churn’ variety; which, lets face it, is never quite as good. Still, not to be disheartened, I’m always excited to have a new ‘no churn’ recipe at my fingertips.

I happened to have a glut of blackberries after an over-zealous hedgerow forage a couple of days ago. They needed using. After a little furrowing, I salvaged a can of condensed milk from the back of the store cupboard, and as fate would have it, an unused punnet of cream lay waiting for me in the fridge. Just three ingredients and all the makings of a delicious ‘no-churn’ bramble ice cream at my fingertips. How could I ignore fate?

This recipe is dedicated to those of us without ice-cream makers. Enjoy!

Bramble Ice Cream


397g can sweetened condensed milk
300ml double cream
2 cups of blackberries


Whizz the blackberries in a food processor for a few minutes until they’re completely puréed. Pass the purée through a sieve into a measuring jug to get rid of the seeds. You should be left with about 200ml of purée.

In a separate bowl, whip the cream until it forms soft peaks; add the can of condensed milk, followed by the blackberry purée. Gently stir until well combined. It’s best to use a rubber spatula, as a metal spoon or whisk can tend to add a metallic taste to the fruit.

Pour the mixture into a freezer-proof dish and cover with Clingfilm. Pop in the freezer for a minimum of four hours, until completely frozen. Remove 10 minutes or so before serving, so that the ice cream has time to soften a little.









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    1. Hi Dani – yes I believe heavy cream is the equivalent of double cream. I think yo’d also be able to use whipping cream. Hope that helps!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  1. “Simply” divine looking ice cream.
    Reminds me of my childhood snow ice cream recipe. Heavy cream, condensed milk & snow. Voilà .
    Thank you for this beautiful photography too〰? Inspirational.

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