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Chocolate Tart

This is my ‘go-to’ pudding when I have people coming for dinner. It’s easily made in advance, keeps well, takes the pressure off and leaves me plenty of time to focus on the main course. It’s intensely chocolatey and I love to decorate it with seasonal fruit (in this case figs and blackberries) for some added pizazz. Continue Reading

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Chickpeas have always been something of an obsession for me. I can eat hummus by the gallon load, and I tend to justify this addiction with the fact that chickpeas are ridiculously good for you. I make hummus practically every week, and once in a while I like to mix up my recipe a little bit. A new favourite is Roasted Red Pepper Hummus. It’s wonderfully easy to make and adds a little pizazz to the age old classic. Continue reading

Summer in Bottle: Elderflower Cordial

There are few things that say English summertime quite like a glass of homemade elderflower cordial with icy cold water and sliced lemon. Its tangy, botanical flavour is the perfect accompaniment to a sunny day, especially when paired with a sneaky tot of gin! Now that the summer months are upon us, I must confess to being something of an addict, and enjoying a chilled elderflower refresher most evenings.

Continue Reading

Rhubarb Mess

Cooking with rhubarb is still something of a novelty for me. I’ve spent much of my life living in hot countries like Hong Kong and South Africa, where delicious fruits and vegetables were always abundant, but sadly rhubarb was never one of them. Over the last couple years I’ve grown to know this peculiar vegetable, and after a few false starts, we are now the firmest of friends. There is something quintessentially English about it, enjoyed on a spring day in the garden while soaking up the first of the year’s sunshine. Continue Reading


I’ve always favoured simple and rustic food over fine dining and this bean and bread soup captures everything I love about cooking. There is nothing cosier than a big pot of Ribollita bubbling away on the stove, ready in time for an intimate and easy supper at home. Continue Reading