Cooking like a Hobo

When I first visited Sebastian “In The Shed” he was fanning down a fresh batch of the sweetest smelling rhubarb crumble muffins, straight from the oven and resourcefully baked in little flowerpots. This sparked something of an addiction on my part. I’m now unable to visit without indulging in one of these delectable treats, along with a cup of expertly brewed coffee.

Originally trained as a landscape gardener, Sebastian describes himself as a self-taught home-cook. He worked at the popular “At The Chapel” in Bruton, Somerset. Ready for a change and looking for adventure, him and his partner bought a vintage citroen H van, with the intention of road tripping around Europe. The plan fell through unexpectedly and instead they found themselves moving into a beautiful cottage in the Hampshire countryside, but they still had the van. Sebastian was struck by a light bulb moment; “Why not fit it with a coffee machine?”… And The Hobo Company was born!

Sebastian has been running The Hobo Company for five years now, and describes it as a voyage of discovery. Starting out in his cottage kitchen with a hand held whisk, a lemon squeezer and not much sleep; he’s now built it into a successful food business. The Hobo Company has since found a more permanent home “In the Shed” at Hortus Loci, where he serves up an array of treats from cream teas, iced coffees and even the odd cocktail. With Sebastian’s laid-back attitude and zeal for simple ingredients, one can see why The Hobo Company has proved such a success. Between running “In the Shed”, supper clubs, catering private events and scooting around the countryside in his classic Citroen, Sebastian rarely gets a day off. He casually mentions that next weekend he’ll be catering a lunch for 200 people and is only slightly concerned about where he’ll find enough chairs.

For Sebastian, running his own business and watching it grow has been immensely satisfying and who knows where the next five years will take him. You can find more information about The Hobo Company on their website, or if you fancy popping in for a glass of fresh lemonade and the best rhubarb crumble muffin around, head to “In the Shed” at Hortus Loci.





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